Higher Education

“Please know that our reading team expressed great admiration for Higher Education- admiration that we share too…Your voice, and your ideas, have made a significant impact on our office”

2019 O’Neill Theater Center, Wendy C. Goldberg, Lexy Leuzler

Higher Education is set in a state that was purple and has turned dark red. The play focuses on three interconnected couples who are caught in the attacks on public education. The setting could be North Carolina, Wisconsin, or Kansas to name a few. This is not just an “issue” play. The play takes a deeper view of what happens to people when pressured. Do marriages become frayed? Do good people make bad decisions? We often think about politics as an expression of power and policy, but Higher Education looks at the ramifications of both power and policy on a personal level. The story also touches on the loss of privacy in our electronic world. 

The stage should make use of minimal setting to allow for smoothly paced scene changes. There are antic moments, but the play’s intent is to examine what happens to marriages when for better or for worse is not just a homily.

A southern university, the present. One unit set.